Wooden shower columns

What costs?

Wooden shower columns from Ammonitum cost on average between CHF 3'000 and CHF 4'500, being both a design object and a perfectly functional item. The price for such shower columns for the entire bathroom height ("floor-ceiling") can be up to CHF 6'000, depending on the ceiling height, the wood materials used and the complexity of the fitting components.


When it comes to showers in modern bathrooms, the focus is usually on the function of the shower, while the aesthetic side is neglected. In most cases, the shower is a shower rail to which a hand shower is attached, which can become loose over time. Ammonitum has taken a creative approach to solving these problems and created shower columns made of precious woods and high-quality Italian shower components.


The other side of the coin is the relatively high price of wooden shower columns. However, they are made of fine wood, their surface lasts for decades despite constant contact with water, and they require very little maintenance. Only the best components are used inside the shower columns, too - all shower parts and mixing blocks are made of metal, and the manufacturer's warranty is up to 15 years, depending on the surfaces.

The history of showers

Showers with water basins already existed in ancient Greece, partly as an imitation of waterfalls from nature. In the "Naturalis historia" of the Roman writer Pliny the Elder (Plinio il Vecchio), the invention of the shower (pensiles balineae, "hanging tubs") is attributed to a certain Sergius Orata, who is said to have attached them to village houses to increase their resale value.