How is the wood protected from water?
What are the advantages of your product in comparison to other manufacturers of wooden washbasins and baths?
What is the warranty on your wooden products?
Setting the warranty aside, how long will we be able to use this washbasin or tub in wood?
Do I need to take care of the wooden surface in a special way and how often? Is there anything to avoid?
What should I do if the wooden surface is somehow damaged?
How does the wooden surface react to conventional cleaning agents?
Which wood surface finishes are possible?
The results of different wooden surface tests
What kind of material is mineral casting?
How can I freshen up my cast mineral bathtub or washbasin?
What is gelcoat?
Is the procedure of washbasin and bath installation the same as for conventional washbasins and baths?
Can I use any drain plug?
Can I use any water tap?
Where does Ammonitum produce?
Additional material