Wooden bathtubs

What costs?

A well-made solid wood bathtub costs from CHF 20,000 and more. Since there are no limits to human imagination and the range of materials that can be used in manufacturing is also almost unlimited, there are also wooden bathtubs that cost over CHF 60,000. Cheap wooden bathtubs do not exist, so cheap offers should always be taken with a grain of salt, because they may have skimped on the coating and very soon the big disappointment may come.


Since bathrooms are usually dominated by white, hygienic surfaces, designers are always trying to find ways to make the inside of the bathroom warmer and more homely. Much can be achieved with the right lighting, or with upholstered furniture. One of the most harmonious ways to make the bathroom cosier is to use a wooden bathtub instead of a white and cold one. It is important to install it in the most prominent place.


There are opinions about the disadvantages of wooden bathtubs. Without regular surface treatment and intensive care, the wooden bathtub would not last long, because wood (as a material) and water are simply incompatible. There is some truth in this, but nowadays the modern varnish formulas and the know-how of the manufacturers of such objects allow the wooden bathtub to be protected from the effects of water for decades.

History of the wooden bath

According to the Greek Athenaeus, the invention of the domestic bathtub as such can be attributed to the inhabitants of ancient Sybaris. At that time, only the nobility had their own baths, and their equipment consisted mainly of a large wooden tub, which was covered with a cloth to protect it from splinters. It was precisely this wooden tub from a thousand years ago that was the real forefather of the modern wooden bathtub, and thus its history is just as long as human bathing culture itself.