Wooden washbasins

What does it cost?

A smaller high-quality wooden bowl mounted on a worktop costs from CHF 1'500 and upwards. Larger countertop washbasins can cost from CHF 2'500 up to CHF 5'000. Larger wall-mounted washbasins can cost up to CHF 6'000 and free-standing washbasins from CHF 7'000 and up to CHF 8'000. The price always depends on what materials are used, how big and how complex the shape of the washbasin is.


If you replace the traditional, white and boring ceramic washbasins with the wooden ones, your bathroom will immediately feel much cosier and the interior more elegant. The variety of materials and shapes will make it possible to satisfy even the most demanding customer. If the right shape for your project cannot be found, it can easily be created, as washbasins can be ordered and designed in different shapes and sizes for a small extra charge.


There is an opinion that wooden washbasins do not last long, need to be oiled regularly and maintained in a special way because they are not particularly water-friendly. There is some truth to this, but there are wooden washbasins on the market that, thanks to the lacquer mixtures used and the know-how of the manufacturers, are not only water-resistant but also do not require any special care. Ammonitum washbasins as an example still look like new after two decades

History of the wooden washbasin

The forefather of the modern wooden washbasin can be considered the Japanese tub. This is a cylindrical container made of Hinoki false cypress wood, covered with wooden or metal rings, and has been used since the beginnings of Japanese bathing culture in 1185, when the Japanese nobility began to set up their own baths in their homes. Even today, these wooden containers are still in use in Japan.