Shelves of semi-precious stones

Decor in the modern bathroom

The bathroom is becoming an increasingly important room in the home - it's much more than just a place to wash. It is a place that can also be invigorating, calming and relaxing for the body and mind. It's one of the most intimate spaces in the home, where décor and design can add to the pleasurable experience, and gemstone niche shelving can help.

Advantages of niche shelving

Ammonitum's backlit gemstone niche shelves can decorate your bathroom in a unique and magical way. Created deep within the earth by nature, with unique sparkling crystal patterns and in a variety of natural colours: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Green-violet - they will always be eye-catching with their beauty and perfection.


There are niche shelves for the shower, or for the bathtub, where you can comfortably put shampoos, lotions and other things. There are also niche shelves for the toilet wall, which can be used to which you can use to place decorative objects. Most shelves are designed for flush mounting, but there are also models for wall mounting.