Ruby Fuchsite

Ruby Fuchsite

This collection consists of niche shelves, towel warmers and base cabinets where the semi-precious stones play their soloist role. This stone is a rare fuchsite (also known as green muscovite or chrome mica) baptised with this name in 1842 by Karl F. Emil von Schafhäutl in honour of Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs. This is a beautiful stone where the dominant colour is green, adorned by nature with small pieces of red ruby and flecks of black tourmaline. Fuchsite is known as a wish stone as well as a good luck charm. It gives hope and helps to make wishes and dreams come true. It is transparent and creates a unique effect when backlit - an effect of exclusivity and pure luxury. In the production process, polished pieces of fuchsite are put together and filled with a special resin to create a kind of slab surface. The spaces between the larger pieces of stone are filled with smaller pieces of fuchsite. The slabs are made exclusively by hand.

Design by Sergio da Leopoli

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