Blue Agate

Blue Agate

This collection consists of niche shelves, shelves, towel warmers, vanity units and bathroom wallpaper, where the semi-precious stones play their soloist role. Set as accents, this collection transforms every bathroom into a unique and exclusive oasis. Agates are a variety of quartz and fibrous chalcedony. They have been used since ancient times to make jewelry, seals, vessels and also as a material for sculpture. Cut in the shape of an eye, agates were placed in the eye sockets of statues and used to ward off evil spirits. Mythologically inclined, many believed agate to be the stone of health, prosperity and longevity. During the Renaissance in Italy, they were considered a talisman by craftsmen. In the production of our objects, polished agate pieces with a diameter of 90 to 120 mm are used, which are assembled according to the same pattern and filled with a special resin. The spaces between the individual pieces are filled with agate shards. This creates a kind of transparent panel which, when backlit, produces a completely different but equally sensational effect - one of uniqueness, exclusivity and mystery. The entire production is made exclusively by hand.

Design by Sergio da Leopoli

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